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These testimonials have been obtained during Dr. Sharaf’s previous work at Horizon Orthodontics, Alberta, between 2010 and 2018. Permission to publish these testimonials has been obtained by each patient. Dr. Sharaf would like to thank his previous staff members at Horizon Orthodontics for their hard work and dedication. These testimonials attest to the quality of service they took part in providing. To read more testimonials about Dr. Khaled Sharaf during his previous work experience in Alberta, please refer to google and RateMD.

Great Environment

“Good place, good people, good environment.”

- Hayden H.

So Happy with My Smile

“I really enjoyed my time here. All the people are really nice. They all want you to come out of this experience with the best smile possible. That is exactly what they did for me. I am so happy with my smile and I could not be more thankful towards the people here who have made it possible!! I would recommend this place in a heartbeat! They do such a great job!”

- Katarina B.

Experience I Was Glad to Have

“It was experience I was glad to have and it made the difference in my teeth. They were always great to me, like I know them all as friends and they knew me the same way. My lifehad to work around them but they knew the way to do it and I give them lots of respect for that.”

- Maarten S.

Caring Staff

“The orthodontist was very nice. The staff is very kind and caring.”

- Karla K.

Great Experience and Lots of Fun

“I feel that this was a great time. Every time I came it was always a fun time. With great people. I never thought oh I have to come here again. I always thought cool I get to go again. Overall it was a great experience and lots of fun.”

- Austin D.

Treated Me Well

“Thank you so much! I really have no complaints. You guys treated me well here!”

- Chyler N.

Pleased with the Results

“Always very welcoming from moment you walk through the door. Answered all my questions and very flexible considering I am from out of town and hate winter driving. Very pleased with the results.”

- Barbara K.

Great Results

“Very happy (ecstatic) with the results!! Was a very long process but worth it.”

- Mason H.

Great Experience

“I have had a great experience with Horizon Orthodontics. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Dr. Sharaf was very accommodating and cares about his patients and their health. I am very happy with the results. Thank you!”

- Karalie K.

Happy with the End Result

“I am very happy with the end result. I always wanted braces when I was younger and they made sure the experience was good for meJ”

- Shawna E.

Experience Has Been Wonderful

“Everything about this experience has been wonderful the staff, the appointments, and of course the end result. Thanks Doc and everyone involved J”

- Jay R.

Perfect for Dental Care

“I am super glad on how my teeth turned out. They are perfect. #LOVE IT X0X0. My whole experience was great and everything went very smoothly.”

- Rosemary S.

Really Grateful

“Ever since my accident, Dr. Sharaf has been with me every step of the way to getting my mouth back to normal. My experience at his office has been phenomenal and him and his staff were amazing. I was really lucky when Dr. Sharaf was willing to help me get better since the accident, and I would definitely recommend him as the go-to orthodontist! It has been a pleasure being at Horizon and am really grateful for the things they’ve done for me.”

- Brandon N.

Wonderful Staff

“The hard work and effort really paid off. Great experience and wonderful staff.”

- Emily G.

Knowledgeable and Friendly

“As parents of Katie we are very impressed with the courteous staff and friendly environment. Katie has always felt welcomed and if she had any concerns during her appointments they were addressed promptly. Thank you. I would highly recommend to any parent considering orthodontics for their children. Dr. Khaled Sharaf is calm, knowledgeable and patient. Great with kids.”

- Katie T.

Very Good Service

“Very good service. Everyone is very friendly and gives the best service they can give. I would recommend to anyone. My teeth are amazing.”

- Logan H.

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