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We look forward to meeting with you on your first visit to our office. Your first orthodontic visit will consist of an examination and discussion of potential treatment options. At this first visit, our goal is to discuss the following:

Need for orthodontic treatment

Optimal treatment timing

Various treatment options if available

Estimated fees

Payment options

Estimated duration of treatment

We encourage questions from both the patient and the parent. We provide ample time to answer any and all questions you may have.


Many young children do not know what to expect during their first visit to the orthodontist. They are often worried that they may get “the needle”. It is helpful to assure your child that we do not administer “needles” at our office and that we will only conduct an exam to “count the teeth” and “check the bite”. It is also important to know that, as it is with other orthodontic offices, we do not provide patients with “surprise treatments” that the patient is not aware of and not consenting to. Our approach is first telling all young children about anything we intend to do, showing them the dental setup in order for them to feel comfortable, before actually doing it!

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