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Our Philosophy

At Stars Orthodontics, we are committed to providing the highest quality clinical care and personalized service in a warm and compassionate environment. Dr. Sharaf and his team enjoy getting to know each patient and their families. We believe that each young child and adolescent is unique and we aspire to learn about each and every patient the things that they really love. Whether it was a hobby, a sport, a particular skill, or subject that interests them, we are excited to hear about it. Our commitment to our patients is to recognize every patient as a unique star and to treat them as such. Dr. Sharaf believes in seeing every patient at every visit, so there are no assembly lines at Stars Orthodontics!

To offer you the highest quality orthodontic care, Dr. Sharaf believes in recruiting only the best in the field. Our staff members' credentials and qualifications make each a star in their own right, and we are all committed to continuous professional learning so that you can be offered the safest, most-up-to-date treatment, procedures and techniques. We believe in providing optimal treatment results but recognize that the experience of orthodontic treatment is crucial as well — that’s why we customize treatment plans for each individual and each family's goals and expectations.


Parents and patients will be reassured by the level of expertise of our friendly, highly experienced staff. We are especially attentive to everyone's individual needs, and do our best to be helpful with insurance, flexible scheduling, flexible payment options, and any special needs that our families and patients have.


We look forward to working with you, and to being a part of this wonderful, life-changing experience. Please feel free to contact our practice and schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation.


Your beautiful smile starts here!

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